The main goal for Kite Around is to contribute to the development and the practice of kite surfing. Therefore, for 2012, Kite Around has planned a series of Kite Camps with some of the most exceptional international riders that will take your kite surfing experience to a whole new level

In June 2012 eight Kite Surf enthusiasts will have the chance to participate in an exclusive Kite Camp in Tarifa, Spain, with PRORIDER MALLORY DE LA VILLEMARQUÉ (TAKOON). The primary objective of this Kite Camp is to help you improve your techniques with the help and advice one of the most experienced riders alongside an unforgettable holiday in Tarifa

The prorider MALLORY DE LA VILLEMARQUÉ will accompany you both in the water and beyond, to both advice and help you reach new limits within your Kite Surfing experiance…… Want to be one of the eight participants?

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Taking you to a new level

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